42km Taster Course

42km Course Description 

This new shorter course has been introduced for those riders that simply prefer a shorter ride or have not had enough time to get that required amount of training in to tackle the biggy being the full 101km course.

Riders will start at Forrest Estate and travel the same route as the long course until they reach the little settlement of Tuamarina where they will turn left onto the Tuamarina Track. The road is a really pleasant and interesting course with lots of windy bends and follows the Wairau River right through to SH 6.

There is a small 3km section of gravel and will have the odd pot hole that you will need to be wary of but will be okay for road bikes. This section will be graded and swept just prior to the event but care will need to be taken when riding through this section.

You will then turn left onto SH 6 and cross the Wairau River bridge and have just under 2km to the finish. The course is dead flat with only some minor undulations along the middle section of the Tuamarina Track.

The fact there is a gravel section does offer those with a mountain bike or hybrid the opportunity to use these types of bikes over a road bike and they would be perfectly suited to this. This is an excellent course for beginners and younger riders.

42km Taster Profile