Categories & Fees   


Forrest GrapeRide (15th Edition) - Saturday 30th March 2019 (2500 limit)

202km: The Magnum (2 laps) $120
101km: Speed Bunnies Open $120 (Club and NZ registered riders) 
101km: Individual $120 Recreational riders
101km: The Doctors Rest Clinic (stop at Momorangi Bay) $135
101km: E-Bike (Any electric assisted bicycle) $120

42km: Taster $80

20km/40km: Mountain Bike - $80

Cancer Riders:$60 All courses (Reduced fee is only for recovering or recovered cancer riders)


Explanation of Categories

The Doctors Rest Clinic 

Coffee time halfway round the course. Beautiful Momorangi Bay hosts the Doctor's Rest Clinic where you can enjoy a coffee (or tea, juice, water, whatever) and a muffin. It's not quite the Tardis but time stands still while you enjoy your break and the  timing of your ride restarts when you rejoin the fray refreshed from your break.Limited to 100 riders so sign up fast.

Because Taster riders deserve the same privileges we'll have coffee available at the Tua Marina turnoff on the Taster course. A great opportunity to re-caffeinate before the beautiful ride around the banks of the Wairau river and back to Forrest Estate. Rather than pre-book this option simply carry cash with you and our wonderful barista will take care of you.

Back for 2019, your electric steed is welcome (but not eligible for any performance based prizes sorry). Bikes of up to 300 watts of power output are legally allowed on NZ roads. To ensure other riders are not advantaged by 'taking pace' from e-bikes we reserve the right to start e-bikes as a separate category.


202km: $240
101km: $240
42km: $160
Relay Teams
101km: 2 riders $240
101km: 3 riders $240
Two Rider Option:One rider will have to ride two legs. This can be any two of the three legs.
Three Rider Option: One rider is to complete each section with transitions at Picton and Havelock.

Late Entry Fees
If entering after midnight on Friday the 15th of March all individuals entrants add $25 and teams add $45.

Age Categories for Recreational Rider
Your age is your age on 31 December this year. Please note that Taster and MTB sections will be calculated in 10 year divisions.
Juniors 13-18yrs 
Open   19+
Vintage 1 35+
Vintage 2 40+
Vintage 3 45+
Classic Vintage 4 50+
Classic Vintage 5 55+
Classic Vintage 6 60+
Classic Vintage 7 65+
Classic Vintage 8 70+
Classic Vintage 9 75+
Classic Vintage 10 80+

Ricoh Speed Bunny Mens and Womens Individual and Teams
The Speed Bunny section is for ages of 19 and over and special dispensation will be made to younger riders should they be able to prove they are capable of riding at that level. Riders must have a current Cycling New Zealand license or equivalent license from their home country. This is the only category where riders are riding for cash prizes and trophies. Riders will be riding for a 1st place cash prize of $1000. 

  • Cash prizes down to 5th place for the men and third place for the women (minimum of 20 riders men and ten riders women for this distribution). 1st place cash prize for both men and women will be $1000 
  • Recognise down to eighth place for the men and women down to 5th place (there must be a minimum of 40 riders for the men and 20 for the women for the cash prizes to be allocated to this depth)
  • Should the mens field be 50 or more riders, and the womens field 30 or more, the 1st place cash prize will be increased to $1500
  • There will need to be a minimum of at least 4 mens and 3 womens teams for the team cash prize to be activated. A team constitutes 4 or more riders entered as a team during the entry process. 

The Speed Bunny category will start with the women at 8.00am and the men at 8.15am. This will enable the women to race on their merits rather than being swamped by the leading recreational riders. In the event that the womens field is caught by the mens elite field no rider may take pace from a rider not in their race i.e. women may not take pace from the men and vice versa.




Enter now for 2019


Entries are limited to 2500 again for the 15th edition of the main event on Saturday March 30th 2019 so we urge you to enter now to secure your place at the start line! 

When entries reach 2500 entries the online entry system will close off. We will then start a list for entrants wanting to go into a reserve list. Simply email the organisers at gomarlborough@gmail.com to register your interest.

Hard Copy Entries - Click on the link for the downloadable individual entry form. For all other team entries you will have to make contact with the organisers by emailing gomarlborough@gmail.com phoning Duncan at 021 377 317.
There is a $5 administration fee for manual entries. Please make cheques out to Go Marlborough Ltd and post to:Go Marlborough Ltd, 45 Monro St, Blenheim 7201.

The late entry fee of $25 will begin on Friday the 15th of March at midnight and entries will close at midnight on Sunday the 24th March at midnight 2019 or when we reach 2500 entries for the main event. Late entries will still be accepted at registration if spaces are available!


  • Forrest Graperide (main event)- Friday 29th March starting at 10am. Please use this option where possible as there will only be a skeleton crew covering registrations on the Saturday morning. A friend can sign for your race pack on your behalf. To avoid any queues where possible we suggest you avoid the after work and ferry influx time slots. Registration times are as follows:

10am - 9pm: Friday 29th March at Forrest Estate - Access Map

6.15am - 9.15am: Saturday 30th March at Forrest Estate (Only for Nelson entrants and genuine late comers) Access Map

You can enter online via our secure DPS server with payment by Visa or Mastercard. All online entries will receive a confirmation of entry email with your entry reference number.

Your statement will show the payment to Go Marlborough (GM). An initial electronic confirmation notification will be sent to you immediately after you enter. About two weeks out from the event you will receive another e ticket with your race number and registration information. After entering the event you will have the opportunity to change the estimated time you believe you can complete the ride in. There will be no changes allowed once your race number has been sent to you.



As always there will be plenty of quality food available for everyone at the venue on both the Friday registration day and the main day. We'll let you know the complete range in the weeks leading up to the event.


The Trophy for the most 'Most Inspirational Cyclist is made of whale bone and heart rimu and the artist/carver was Norm Clark of Orua- Tepuia, Queen Charlotte Drive. Norm was an internationally recognised carver and his depiction of a cyclist under stress fitted the concept envisaged by Stu Downs parents, Murray and Chris Downs.
If you would like to nominate a person that has inspired people into getting on a bike just like Stu did, them send us an email to gomarlborough@gmail.com and that person will be considered as a recipient of this beautiful award. 
Stu Downa Trophy.jpg


Tee Shirts  

These will be available from the Inview stand at registration and on the day of the event.

Tineli Cycle Gear

Take a look at the new Tineli designed kit for the 2019 event. You can order this via the entry portal or direct from Tineli 




Course Info and Maps

Important General and Safety Information

Forrest Graperide Saturday 30th March 2019

All riders must be at the briefing.
Riders will be released in pulses of 40 to 50 riders at one and two minute intervals.
Remember your time does not start until you cross the start mats (Speed Bunnies and Magnum released on gun start).

202km - Magnum: 30 March 5.45am / 6.00am

101km - Ricoh Speed Bunnies: 30 March   8.05am / 8.15am

101km - All other riders 30 March  8.15 / onward

20km/40km MTB 30 March 9.15am approx

42km - Taster Course: 30 March 9.30am approx.


Race Numbers

Please ensure that your race numbers are correctly attached to your clothing and bike. Our self-seeding system allows you to select the appropriate start wave on the day of the event. 

Wave allocations relate to the following timing groups and riders in the recreational sections will be sent off in the following order.

2.30 to 2.45 - Wave A
2.45 to 3.00 - Wave B
Fast tandems - Social tandems self marshal
3.00 to 3.30 - Wave C
3.30 to 4.00 - Wave D
4.00 to 4.30 - Wave E
4.30 to 5.00 - Wave F
5 hours plus - Wave G

Taster 42km - Wave H 

MTB field     - Wave J






This course is designed to offer beginner riders the opportunity to cut their teeth on a shorter distance rather than to have to complete the 101km course.

This is a predominantly flat course and once riders exit off the state highway at Tua Marina they make their way along the Kaituna-Tuamarina Track along the banks of the Wairau river. There is a gravel section that runs for 3km in length at approximately the 30km mark. There is a major upgrade of the gravel section in the days leading up to the event to ensure it is in the very best condition it can possibly be immediately prior to you riding on it.  If riders are concerned about the gravel then we suggest you ride this on a mountain bike or cyclocross bike. 

Click here to view map and more details


The Forrest GrapeRide traverses a 101km circuit through some of the most stunning scenery New Zealand has to offer. The start/finish venue is the beautiful Forrest Estate at Renwick which is in the heart of this famous wine growing region. From the start line you will head out onto SH 6 and will be quickly through the township of Renwick which is 2.5km from the start. You will travel down Old Renwick Rd to Blenheim which is at the 14km mark and onto SH 1. You will glide through a number of small townships, Spring Creek at 19km, historic Tua Marina (23km), Koromiko (35km) and Picton is 40km from the start.  You will now be on the famed Queen Charlotte Drive and viewing much of the stunning Inner Queen Charlotte Sound. This is simply spectacular riding through Marlborough's picture postcard landscape. You will drop in and out of Shakespeare Bay, Governors Bay, Ngakuta Bay and then Momorangi Bay (54km). It is at Momorangi Bay you will have the option for having a break for a coffee and muffin. This option is available on the online entry system and is described as 'The Doctors Rest Clinic'. Once through Momorangi Bay you pass through 'The Grove', Linkwater and Havelock which is the 73km mark. It is then 28km (hopefully with the prevailing north westerly) of rolling countryside home to Forrest Estate.

Click here to view map and more details



Starting and finishing at Forrest Estate, the Mountain Bike course takes in a variety of surfaces from sealed road to riverbed stones, tree roots, rutted tracks and pine plantation single track. Aimed at the beginner to Intermediate rider there are no significant climbs or descents (course elevation less than 200m). The 20km course will take 1.5 to 2 hours for most riders while the 40km course will take 2.5 to 4 hours for most riders. The course may be subject to changes depending on the state of the Wairau river.



This category is for pro/elite racers. Riders must be nationally licensed by Cycling New Zealand (or their appropriate national body) and show this documentation at registration. They ride the same classic 101km course. These riders will be riding for cash.

Click here to view map and more details



It's twice round the stunning 101km circuit and this is available to all recreational riders. Up early on March 30th, 5.45am briefing for a 6.00am start. Please pay particular attention to the equipment requirements for this event as sunrise on 30 March is at 7.37am NZDT (you will be starting in the dark).

 Click here to view map and more details




At times due to situations beyond our control there may be slight changes to the information stated below. Please ensure you check our website again prior to the event. Please email gomarlborough@gmail.com if you cannot find the answer to your query in our FAQ.



'There are no closed roads so you need to obey the road rules at all times, particularly do not cross the centre line and do not cut corners.To that end police staff will be policing this event and any infringement or bad road behaviour detected from a cyclist will be dealt with by way of enforcement through the most appropriate means.' Sgt Mike Western Blenheim Police

Click here to read full safety message

Updating Your Profile FAQ

Please check your personal profile to ensure your details are accurate.You can update your personal details at any time - address, phone number, medical condition, emergency contact name and number, DOB, gender! 

  • How do I update my profile?
  • We will present your profile information to you so you can quickly check each time you sign up to an event that is hosted by Event Plus, or you can login anytime and update your details. If you change your profile details, these changes will be immediately updated to any events that you have signed up for in the past or future. 
  • What is the advantage of having a profile?
  • Having a profile makes it faster for you to sign up for EventPlus hosted events by providing the ability for you to save your basic profile details so you do not have to fill in your personal details every time you enter.  EventPlus is a sports event framework. Only organisers whose events you have signed up to can see your profile information. Organisers cannot see any information about any other events which you have signed up for.     

Entry Transfer FAQ

  • Refunds
  • Withdrawals are non-refundable but an entrant may transfer their entry to someone else.
  • Participants can formally transfer their entry to someone else up until Friday 18 January 2019 Due to the amount of processing and administration required a transfer fee of $25 applies.
  • Can I transfer my entry to next year?
  • No your entry cannot be rolled over to the following year.
  • How do I transfer my entry to someone else?
  • You can transfer your entry to someone else up until Friday 18 January 2019. Please follow the entry transfer process outlined below.
  • 1. The person you are transferring your entry to needs to download a hard copy entry form. 
  • 2. Mark clearly at the top of the entry form ENTRY TRANSFER 2019.
  • 3. Complete all your own details clearly and sign.
  • 4. Attach a cheque if posting for the following fees or pay by direct credit. 
  • Our account details are: Westpac Blenheim 03 0599 0486341 000 
  • Ensure you write Entry Transfer and your name and race number for our records
  • - $25 transfer fee to be included
  • - Add entry fee difference also if changing to a longer category 
  • - Changing to a shorter category will not be refunded
  • 5. Attach the new entry form to the original entrant's entry ticket and email/post to the event organisers by Friday 18  January 2019.
  • 6. Once the entry transfer documentation has been received and processed the new entrant will receive an email confirming their entry.
  • Transfers to another category received before Friday 18 January 2019
  • There is no charge for changing between event categories if you notify us by email before Friday 18 January 2019.
  • Transfers to another category received after 18 January 2019
  • There are absolutely no fees for our cancer riders that wish to transfer between event categories.
  • There will be a $10 administration fee for all transfer requests between event categories received after 18 January.
  • 1. Email gomarlborough@gmail.com clearly outlining your request to transfer your entry to a different event category.
  • 2. Attach a cheque if posting for the following fees or pay by direct credit. 
  • Our account details are: Westpac Blenheim 03 0599 0486341 000 
  • Ensure you write Entry Transfer and your name and race number for our records 
  • -$10 transfer fee to be included
  • -Add entry fee difference also if changing to a longer category 
  • -Changing to a shorter category will not be refunded
  • 3. Once the entry transfer documentation has been received and processed you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Late transfers received after the 8th of February
  • You are still able to transfer to a different category but please note that all late transfer requests received after Friday 3rd of February will be processed on Friday the 29th of March at registration. Please complete a change request form at the Help Desk before you collect your race pack. There is no eftpos at the Help Desk at registration so please bring cash or cheque.






  • Bank - ANZ
  • The ANZ bank will be available at Forrest Wines.
  • Bike Parking
  • There will be an area at the rear of Forrest Wines behind the stage area for you to place your bike if unable to return it to your vehicle. Thank you for keeping the grassed area clear of bikes to avoid congestion.
  • Bike Repairs
  • Bikefit Marlborough are located at 24 Market Street North right in the centre of town. Shop hours for the weekend of the Forrest GrapeRide  will be Friday 29th Marchl - 8am to 6pm, Saturday 30th March - 9am to 3pm and Sunday 31st March - 9am to 3pm
  • Bike Storage
  • Keen to travel without your bike? For those wanting to avoid the hassle of having to dismantle their bikes Bikefit Blenheim will store it and assemble it for you and have it ready in pristine condition for you to collect on the Friday. Give them a call at 03 9722239 or email info@bike-fit.co.nz   
  • Coffee
  • To avoid congestion there will be two CPR coffee cart areas at Forrest Wines.
  • Course Closure
  • Due to traffic management plans the course and finish line will be officially closed at 2.30pm. The courses will no longer be marked or marshalled after this time. Participants may continue at their leisure but will need to provide their own support after this time and will be continuing as a member of the public and not an official entrant. You will be asked to hand in your race number and transponder to the tail end Charlie and these will be kept at the Help Desk for you to collect.
  • Drink Stations
  • There will be a drink station located at Linkwater which is approximately the 60km mark on the 101km course. This is manned by Linkwater School staff and children as a fund raiser for the school and water will be available.   
  • First Aid
  • First aid will be available around the course. If you are feeling unwell, let a marshal or event official know and they will summon first aid personnel. Do not continue if you are not well. At Forrest Wines there will also be a first aid station near the start /finish line.
  • Forrest GrapeRide Dates
  • Future dates are set as follows. It is a good idea to book your accommodation well in advance. 
  • 2020 - To be advised
  • Gear Storage- Ricoh Tent
  • Look for the gear storage flag.The gear storage area will be located at the Ricoh branded tent by the start / finish banner. Place your race number drop bag label on your bag and leave this at the tent. This gear will be supervised but organisers take no responsibility for lost gear.  
  • Lost Property
  • Please take all lost property to the Help Desk. If you have lost something please write all details in the lost property register so we can return it if found.
  • Massage
  • Marlborough massage therapists will be available to help your recovery at the massage tent. This is under the trees to the west of the winery.
  • Merchandise
  • Pre-ordered Tineli gear will be sent to you as long as it is in stock. If you have ordered gear within 6 weeks of the event it will be available to collect at registration. If the late orders are not in stock these will become back orders.
  • Parking
  • Parking is available at the venue for a gold coin donation. All funds go to local charities. Click here to find the the exact locations for parking and also the safest way for you to leave the venue. These areas will be clearly signposted.
  • Photos
  • Event photographers will be on the course and photos will be available to order from our website.
  • Spectator Spots
  • There are a number of places along the course to take up a good vantage point to see the riders go speeding passed on their bikes. Please make sure you are well off to the side of the road and preferably on the opposite side to of the road to the riders.  A reminder that under no circumstances are you to follow riders around the course.
  • Supporters
  • Under no circumstances are you to follow riders around the course as we need to keep traffic to a minimum. Supporters are not allowed on the course unless they have stationed themselves in a position around the course prior to the start of the event.
  • Toilets
  • At Forrest Wines there will be a bank of portaloo toilets behind the hedges near the start/finish area and also to the right behind the stage area. On the course there are portaloos at the transition areas and also at the carpark on SH 6 to the north of the venue. There are also public toilets at Momorangi Bay.

Race Numbers FAQ

  • What does my race number mean?
  • Please ensure that you position yourself at the start line according to the time you estimate you will take for your chosen course. 

    E-ticket bib numbers relate to the following timing groups and riders will be sent off in the following order.

    2.30 to 2.45 - Wave A
    2.45 to 3.00 - Wave B
    Fast tandems - Social tandems self marshal
    3.00 to 3.30 - Wave C
    3.30 to 4.00 - Wave D
    4.00 to 4.30 - Wave E
    4.30 to 5.00 - Wave F
    5 hours plus - Wave G

    Taster 42km - Wave H

    All late entries will be allocated a 9000 series number and can self-marshal to the appropriate time group. 

Timing FAQ    

  • Tandem Queries
  • A reminder that for our tandem teams the certificate will only display the tandem team name and not the names of both riders.
  • Timing Queries
  • Speed Bunnies will be gun start. All other categories will be decided on the basis of actual elapsed time. If you have any queries regarding your time please email Andrew Ninness directly at andrew@ninnessassociates.co.nz   
  • Timing Results
  • All results on the day are provisional only and will be displayed inside the Forrest Wines tasting room as soon as they become available. Please check the provisional results and advise the Help Desk of any anomalies.Timing results will be available on our website after the event.   

Event Heroes FAQ  

  • What if I stopped to assist a rider?
  • If you stopped to assist a rider and therefore feel your time has been compromised please complete an Event Heroes form at the Help Desk. Your individual time will be adjusted and you will be able to print out your certificate with your estimated finish time. Please note that the actual finishers will not be deprived of their placing but you will be able to see where you may have been placed with your estimated time without this having an impact on the awards.   




Safety FAQ

Safety equipment as follows is required for the magnum as outlined in the Land Transport Act 1998 during the hours of darkness.

  • Safety checklist
  • A rear red or yellow reflector 
    A steady rear-facing red light that can be seen at night from a distance of 100 metres 
    A steady white or yellow forward-facing light that can be seen at night from a distance of 100 metres
    A front flashing white or orange light may also be fitted 
    Yellow pedal reflectors or reflective straps attached to the lower parts of the cyclist's legs
    Reflective vest, jacket or waist band

Magnums FAQ

  • Is there extra support for magnum riders?
  • The magnum riders will have a feed station made available to them just on the eastern side of the Wairau Bridge on SH6 which is out about the 99km mark on the first lap. This is the one and only feed zone for the magnums and will be manned from 8.30am to 9.30am. You will be able to leave marked drink or feed bags at the Ricoh tent by 5.45am.These will be taken to this feed zone and be left on the manned table for you to collect on the first lap. Those riders who have a support crew must ensure their crew uses this offical feed zone. Ensure your crew parks on the western side of SH 6 opposite the feed zone and walk safely across the road to use this area. There is to be no following of the magnum riders at any stage of the event. 


How do I secure the transponder to my bike? 

Click here for instructions


Grape Crushing Virgins FAQ

When you enter online you are invited to be a Grape Crushing virgin. You are allowed to have ridden at every Forrest GrapeRide but to be eligible to be a virgin this simply means that you have never crushed grapes before at the Forrest GrapeRide. 

Your task is to crush the grapes for the bottle of wine that all riders receive if they return in 2020.

Please collect your special tee shirt from Inview at registration. Assemble wearing your tee shirt at 2.45pm near the stage area. Showers will be available for you after this ceremony!


Prize Giving FAQ

  • When will prize giving start? 
  • Prize giving will start at about 3.30pm at Forrest Estate. We will be rolling out the red carpet to speed up the access way to the stage. Thank you for positioning yourself close to the stage or access way if you are a prize winner. If wet, due to the difficulty of having a large enough venue our major spot prizes and category winners will be displayed on our website as soon as possible. Please collect your prize / medal from the prize giving team on the stage area if you know you are a category winner and all spot prizes and unclaimed prizes / medals will be sent out. 
  • What awards are given?
  • All first three placegetters in the magnum and speed bunny categories will be asked to come on stage.
  • Due to time constraints only the winners in the recreational 101km will be called on stage. Category place getters in the 42km will not receive any prize or medal.
  • All other placegetters 101km will be called out and will pick up their medal from the base of the stage.
  • You will need to be present at prize giving with your race number to be in with a chance to win one of our spot prizes. Place your race number tear off strip in the red bin provided on the stage area to be eligible for a spot prize.
  • Prizes will also be awarded for the best dressed male and female so make yourself noticed out there on the course!   
  • Will there be certificates?
  • Yes, certificates will be available from our website after the event.