202km Magnum Course

202km Magnum Course Description

This year all magnum riders will be clearly identified to ensure other riders give you the support and encouragement you deserve out on the course.

The Forrest GrapeRide traverses a 101km circuit through some of the most stunning scenery New Zealand has to offer. It is so good that the magnums go around twice!

From the Forrest Estate winery stone wall which is located in the capital of the New Zealand's wine industry, Renwick, it’s a flat route to Blenheim.

Riders then head north and gently climb into Picton with an exhilarating descent into the centre of the town. Climbing out of Picton, the route follows the picturesque Queen Charlotte Drive around the head of Queen Charlotte and Pelorus Sounds, literally a ride through nature’s photo album.

The stunning scenery of Ngakuta and Momorangi Bays passes as the ride winds and twists to The Grove.

A flat ride to Linkwater leads onto Mahakipawa hill and more breathtaking scenery, followed by a descent to the outskirts of the mussel capital, Havelock. Left turn onto SH 6 and it’s homeward bound across gently rolling terrain, hopefully with the prevailing breeze at your back and home to Renwick. 

Once home you go around again!

Additional Information for Magnum Riders

Magnum riders will ensure they are assembled at the start/finsih line at Forrest Estate. Please ensure you are there with all your safety equipement with regard to lighting in the dark hours of the morning for the 5.45am briefing. We are not going to specify to you what this should be except to say you need a forward shinning light and a rear red light that are up to the road code standard. It would be a good idea to wear some reflictive bands around your ankles an a refective jacket as well. Remember it is your life you are looking after and begs the question how much value do you place on that?

Your start time is 6am on the dot. You will then complete two full circuits of the 101km course.   

There will be one feed station available for you on the eastern side of the Wairau Bridge which is about the 99km mark. This is identified on the course map and will be manned by a marshal. This is the only place your team is able to assist you with food and drink.

If you do not have a team then you are welcome to leave marked bottles and or a feed bag at the start line in the morning. These are to be left in the black plastic boxes at the Konica Minolta tent next to the start line.

These will then be taken to the feed zone and left on the table for you to use when you come by the feed station area. They will then be returned back to the Konica Minolta tent at 9.30am.

Under no circumstances are support teams to follow riders around the course. Riders will be automatically disqualified if this occurs.   

Profile of 101km Course