Food, fun, a glass of wine (and you might want to bring your bike). The Forrest Graperide, a challenge for any cyclist. Our award winning ride takes you from the vines of the Wairau plain to the picturesque port of Picton then through 40km of incredible Marlborough Sounds scenery to the greenlip mussel capital of Havelock and home to Forrest Estate where the fun and relaxation awaits. If one lap isn't enough we offer two laps in the Magnum (if you're starting out or just bringing the mountain bike then the Taster at 42km is a great ride alongside the beautiful Wairau river. Whatever the challenge you're taking on get your entry in for the 2019 Forrest Graperide.

GrapeRideOH.jpgHere's a look at Forrest Graperide 2018 (click the pic for video)


The Grape Crush!


Since 2005 we've crushed grapes in our oak vat to produce our 'Hundred Virgins' wine for returning riders. In 2018 we enjoyed the first (award winning) Rosé from our grape crush. You could be in the vat in 2019 with Dr John, producing the 2020 bottling. 

 Forrest Graperide #15 

30 March 2019 

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What is this Forrest GrapeRide thing all about?


Coffee and cycling are great partners. for your caffeine fix, the Doctors Rest Clinic at beautiful Momorangi Bay offers the chance to take on a coffee, tea, water, muffin and other sources of energy to revive you for the ride back to Forrest Estate.  The clock will stop for you at  Momorangi Bay and won't start again till you get back on your bike to finish the remaining 50km! We also have a coffee stop (at Tua Marina) for riders in the Taster event, pretty popular that caffeine.

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Back and front wheelseye view